simscan not send rcpt address to spamassassin
Sossi Andrej
2010-02-19 14:39:49 UTC
I'm a system administrator. In our company we use Qmail with vpopmail,
simscan, ClamAV and SpamAssassin on FreeBSD. All softwares are installed
from FreeBSD's ports.
Past week I updated SpamAssassin from version 3.2.5 to version 3.3. The
old version of SpamAssassin, when not founding userdir (home directory
of the user), scans the e-mail without using the user's prefers. The new
version of SpamAssassin, when not founding userdir, simply die.
From the documentation of simscan:

This option turns per-user spamassassin on or off. When enabled, the
address of the first rcpt to user is sent to spamassassin. This allows
spamassassin to use customized rules and settings for that email.

This is false. Simscan send "-u" parameter with first RCPT only if the
number or RCPT is 1. If the number of RCPT is greater than 1 simscan
doesn't send any "-u" parameter.
I corrected this bug with the patch in attach.
Is it possible to insert this patch in the next version of simscan?

Sossi Andrej
DotCom Information technology

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tel: +39 040 2158191
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